Sunday, September 30, 2007


The last couple of days, I have been observing the differences in Emmeline and Joshua's personalities. I posted a while back about Joshua's love for adrenaline manifesting itself at the theme park. This past weekend, EmJ and Joshua went to a reptile show. While Emmeline came home waving a snake in my face, no joke, Joshua just said, "We saw bugs." He'll race down a dangerous water slide, but won't go near an animal. We've also never had an issue with Emmeline sleeping--she's not scared of the dark or monsters under her bed--but Joshua ended up sleeping on the floor in our room last night because there was "a man living in the wall." (Which in turn gave me bad dreams about some pshycho hobo living in Grandma's attic...but I digress). Also, Emmeline got sick at school this week. She literally threw up all over the floor and then just continued sitting at her desk until the teacher noticed. Having dealt many times with a sick Joshua, the words "quiet" and "no big deal" don't really apply! Just some funny observations.

P.S. Emmeline is all better, but others in her class have followed her example, the teacher included! Also, the snake that she was waving in my face does not belong to her, thank goodness! The lovely snake skin glued to construction paper, however, does. Yuck!

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Anonymous said...

Joshua does not like bugs and spiders. Yeah, and?
(Hang tough, Willie -- it's perfectly normal. Right Zack? Grandpa B)