Friday, September 14, 2007

Funny Moments

Well, the first week of Kindergarten has ended without incident...actually, there was a papercut, but Emmeline is recovering.

I promise to upload first day of school pictures as soon as I can, but until then I just wanted to share some memorable "walking home from school" conversations.

Emmeline: Today we learned "blue is the sky" (they did a different color every day). We painted the blue sky with sponges. I didn't eat the sponge, but that other boy did. He said it tasted like cotton candy.

Emmeline: I'm going to make cards for the girls in my class. Just the pretty girls.
Me: Well, you should make them for all the girls. I think they are all pretty.
Emmeline: (exasperated) If they would wear princess stuff then they would be pretty.
Me: How would you feel if you didn't get a card because someone didn't think you were pretty?
Emmeline: (incredulous) But I'm the prettiest one!

It's been a great week, although Emmeline is quite tired. The last two days she has broken into weepy tears after school because the school lunches were so good and her sack lunch was so boring!

We got Joshua started into preschool this week, too, which will be good for him. He packed a lunch on Sunday night with Emmeline and refused to eat it until Thursday--when I finally took him to storytime at the library and told him it was preschool! Starting next week, though, he'll have "real" preschool on Tuesdays and storytime "preschool" on Thursdays...and he couldn't be happier.

That's it!


Anonymous said...

You are an amazing writer...bringing all details to life. Have you ever thought of writing a book? I'm glad the kids are doing so well.

Linds said...

I should write another "kids are punny" book with all the things your kids say. Thanks for sharing a good laugh! I have some books you need to read...Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer! She's a BYU alum. Not the best writing, but kind of the story of my life...I love them!

Toria said...

I have been meaning to call you back. sorry. you guys need to come up, the kids will have a blast together and yours sound hilarious! I forgot you had this blog until just the other day so I had to say hello.

Melissa said...

So where did you get EJ into? And here is Joshua going to preschool at?

Glad to hear you are back, when things settle down we should get together!