Sunday, October 14, 2007

$1 Fun

Yesterday, we had a whole day of fun for only $1! That's my kind of day. We went to fire safety day at the fire station--ate hotdogs, climbed on the fire trucks, jumped in the bounce houses, and got fire hats. Then we drove to Fairfield for the Candy Festival--more bounce houses, game booths, and free candy, of course. We finally dished out a buck to decorate some cookies, of which Joshua and Emmeline simply licked the frosting off their popsicle sticks, ate the baggie of M&Ms, then devoured their cookies unfrosted. The best part of the day was the dunk tank. Emmeline threw her softball (well, an old granny) at the target and missed, so I told her to just go hit the target. She did, but the guy in the dunk tank fell toward her, getting her all wet. "I didn't know that was going to happen!" She had a good long cry. Moral: Cheaters never prosper!

I also have to report on Emmeline's first field trip. Again, I was tempted to follow the bus to the pumpkin patch and shadow her to make sure she was safe. However, I resisted, and she made it home safe and sound. Emmeline enjoyed the pumpkin patch...I think all the kids did, as it was raining and they pretty much just played in the mud for three hours. Emmeline came home with the ugliest pumpkin in the bunch. Seriously. It has a stem out both ends. Luke was joking that the pumpkin patch owners probably had an office pool going for when/if someone would ever take that pumpkin home. I'm pretty sure it's been there since 1952, so the winner probably got a jackpot. I can't believe I had to pay $3.50 for it. Anyway, the first field trip went off without a hitch, so that leaves one more "first"--picture day! Ah, it's almost a rite of passage to live for the rest of your life with at least one awful school picture hanging on grandma's wall. I can't wait!

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