Friday, October 26, 2007


I've been tagged. So, here are six fun facts about me. If you get tagged, do the same!

1. I don't particularly like talking about myself. I'd much rather brag or share stories about my kids or husband. This is probably why I stink at keeping a personal journal. If my posterity want to learn all about me, they'll have to glean stories from someone else, or read between the lines on the blog and in the scrapbooks.

2. I remember everybody. I remember faces, names, even sometimes birthdays and random factoids. I am usually shy, though, to say hello to an old acquaintance because I think that they won't remember me. With my ten year high school reunion looming, I would much rather just be a fly on the wall than actually attend the reunion (except I'm looking forward to getting the award for "Most Kids," I'm pretty sure I'll blow everyone out of the water).

3. Besides the Gospel and my family, I have two great loves. The New York Yankees and Twinkies. I know this doesn't come as a shock to anyone, but it's important in any list of facts about myself! I just got a Twinkie purse (so cool), and for my birthday one year a friend compiled a cookbook entitled "101 Things to do with a Twinkie." It's about the only cookbook I ever use.

4. Since we talked about two great loves, let's talk about my two great hates. The Boston Red just kidding. They are down on the list, but two things I hate the most are cooking and animals. I hate to cook and bake. I dread it. And yet, I love to play hostess, have people over, serve them, etc. It's an idiosyncrasy of mine. And animals--they are gross, they stink, and domesticated, they are high maintenance. They belong outside, in the wild. I don't understand the fascination of going to a zoo to stare at animals. Sick! And yet, I keep doing it because my kids love it. Ugh.

5. I frequently say or do things to embarass myself, and I remember them long after I should. For example, about six years ago I got locked out of my house (through no fault of my own). I sobbed. I sobbed when my sister-in-law happened to drive by and rescue me. I sobbed when I called the locksmith. I sobbed when he got the door open. Holy cow! Was that worth crying over? Was I going to die? No! And I'm still so embarassed about that display. I do stuff like that all the time. I hope that someday I can grow into a graceful, but witty old woman who never says or does anything embarassing. It's my dream.

6. I'm a neat freak. Not a clean freak. Just a neat freak. I hate clutter, I hate messes, I hate when Luke takes leaves a trail of jacket, keys, wallet, cell phone, spare change, and finally shoes from the door to the couch. I often can't sit still until things are all in their place. This causes a lot of grief during meal times (gotta have the kitchen clean before I can sit down to dinner!), family night (just sit and watch the movie!), and on vacation (just sit down and relax!). A clean space is relaxing for me, though, and I actually enjoy the organizing. I also enjoy making lists, and the satisfaction of getting things done! I am glad, though, that I married someone who balances me, and that kids are literally forcing my to loosen up. They, in turn, (Luke and the kids), are learning to be organized and tidy.

All right, that's it! And Kelli, Gretchen, Lindsey, Alivia, Angie, and Melissa...I'm tagging you!


Alivia said...

Wait, so if you hate to talk about yourself, was it just terrible having to write this whole list!?

hahaha I am just kidding

I love you

Erin said...

Remember names and faces huh? see if you recognize this old face. It's good to find your blog. It's always fun to run across people you know, even if it is just a little bit.

daveandbri said...

You so had me laughing on the neat freak thing! I feel your pain (or at least I find it painful at this stage in my life when I find it difficult to keep anything neat with the kids and hubby running around). And congrats on that rumor i heard being true. You'll have to let me know how yet another little one changes things.

Anonymous said...

Did I read it correctly....daveandbri's remark re: another???
G-pa...(the older one). Anita had 5 at her 10th.