Thursday, November 01, 2007


Unfortunately, Benjamin suffers from the malady of being almost two. One of the symptoms of this disease is extreme emotional swings. He started the trick-or-treating night by crying because he had to walk instead of riding in the stroller. When he realized he was getting candy, though, he warmed up quickly.

Another symptom of being almost two is being small and unnoticeable in the dark. This worked in Benjamin's favor as he let himself be lost in the crowd. To illustrate, at one home, he stood next to the homeowner as she bent down to pass out candy to the other trick-or-treaters and nonchalantly filled his candy bag. When the homeowner finally noticed him, he got more candy than the others because "look at him so cute just waiting here!" I wonder if she noticed her bowl was almost empty, or if she noticed Benjamin's candy bag dragging on the ground as he left her house!

As Benjamin got more and more comfortable, he began letting everyone know that he was Superman--"Nanan!" He also made himself at home in about three houses, just walking in the door when the homeowner went to get the candy.

All in all, the kids did well, had fun, and I'll post pictures at some later date.


Erin said...

My little girl who is two had to come home early because some mean boys with masks decided to get too close to her and scare her. So she came home and helped me pass out candy.

Catherine Chou said...

That's hilarious. Ahh... the joys I have to look forward to...