Thursday, January 24, 2008

21st Century

Wow! I just stepped into the 21st century and charged our iPod for the first time. I have spent this entire wasted afternoon trying to figure out how to upload songs. Actually, that part was fairly was figuring out how to delete the unwanted stuff (you know, all those forwarded emails that somehow got saved to the computer and somehow ended up on my iPod) that was frustrating. But, I've got it down now, and it should be a snap in the future. So now I'll go pull out all my favorite CDs...and some General Conference for Luke...and work on creating my perfect iPod. And maybe someday when the weather gets warmer, I'll go running with my iPod like every other normal person on the planet!

Okay, now I've got to get back to my REAL life and make dinner for my children....who are eating crackers and pickles as we speak. Benjamin keeps yelling, "Happy Birthday! I'm two!" (We've been practicing...he'll be two next week!)

34 days or less 'til the baby comes! (Just had to throw that in!)

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Melissa said...

I think we need a belly shot!!!