Sunday, January 06, 2008


Joshua's first day of nursery! Emmeline in her new "high heels"...they are a little big, but she felt so grown up!

Emmeline doing her chores. We are trying out a chore chart...we'll see how it works. Notice her's starting to come together!

The new tool bench...courtest of Kitty Grandma. The kids love it, and I had a lot of fun putting it together (I know, I'm wierd).

We celebrated Christmas at Kitty Grandma's on New Year's Eve. Here are the kids in front of the tree. After they got spoiled with their third Christmas, they went with Luke to a fun New Year's Party. Benjamin and I went home, assembled the work bench, and went to bed. Happy New Year!

Luke's Christmas gift. A Fathead. Seeing as we don't have a bed (just mattresses on the ground) Luke wants to paint the wall turquoise and mount the Fathead as our headboard (we already have the Mariners comforter, don't worry). I'm not crazy about the turquoise, but as long as I can hang my Yankee stuff, I'm good!

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