Sunday, January 06, 2008


Who wants to open another present?! Me, me!

I don't even know what gift they are admiring, but I thought this was a classic picture! We enjoyed our second Christmas with Puppy Grandma on December 30th.

While in California, EmJ and my dad went to her old elementary school. The school opened when my dad was in the 6th grade, so he was the first graduating class of Maxwell Elementary. EmJ spent the first part of Kindergarten there. I think that's pretty cool.

Also while in California, Luke broke his foot! Ouch! Thank goodness we have a doctor friend who took good care of him. Here is Joshua torturing Luke by inflating the aircast a little too much.

And, of course. This gift, from Lindsey and Brian to Luke is a Mariner blanket on one side and a Yankee blanket on the other. I keep coming into our room to find it folded M's side up, so switch in to NY...only to find it back the other way!

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