Saturday, February 02, 2008

Benjamin's Birthday!

Well, our little guy is offically two! I can't believe it! Here he is first thing birthday morning, enjoying his new basketball hoop, relishing in the fact that we're about to let him wear his football jammies all day long (not knowing that he's about to get his binkies thrown in the garbage!), and awaiting his football party later that night!

Conversation with Benjamin on his birthday...
Kirstin: Benjamin, what's your name?
Benjamin: I'm two!
Kirstin: Yes, but what's your name?
Benjamin: Happy Birthday!

I guess we've been building anticipation for the birthday a little too much. He has forgotten his name!

When he opened a few of his presents, he started jumping up and down all excited. We should have had a video camera on hand!

Others of his gifts, he was very serious about. Studying them, reading them, and not wanting to go on to the next one--which incidentally made the other siblings and cousins very impatient!


Linds said...

Happy Birthday Benjamin!!! And Brian says you might get a fair price for your kids in the Philippines because they love white folks! He has a few contacts if your interested...He'll take his cut as a service fee though!

Emily said...

I am glad you guys had fun at Benjamin's birthday. We are sorry we missed it, the boys even colored Superman pictures for Benjamin (we'll get them to you when we see you next, unless they get lost or eaten in the meantime). With the exciting array of illnesses at our house and you being due so soon I figured some joys just shouldn't be shared. We'll have to have you guys over sometime soon though. Happy 2 to Benjamin!