Saturday, February 02, 2008

Tagged Again...

The new version of "tagged", I guess. So here it goes...

10 years ago: I was 15, anxiously awaiting the blessed age of 16--complete with dating and driving!

On my to-do list: catch up the scrapbooks, paint a necklace hanger for Emmeline's room, help Benjamin write thank-you notes

5 places I've lived: WA (four different places), CA (5 different places), UT, NY, NJ (2 places that I remember!)

5 jobs I've had: MOM, grunt-work at my dad's firm, grunt work at an ortho, nanny, babysitter...okay, let's face it, I've never had a real job. I've never applied for a job. I've never found a job w/o my mommy's help. It's kind of embarassing, BUT I know how to work. I am not, nor have I ever been lazy. Hopefully I'll pass something good on to my kids! Willie, go get a job!

If I had a billion dollars: I'd buy a baseball team. Do they come that cheap? Maybe I can buy the Royals.

Bad-Habits: I don't put the lids of things back on tightly--toothpaste, pickle jar, milk cap, etc. I also don't roll up the chip bags, cereal bags, or cracker bags. (In my defense, though, we eat these things fast enough that they don't get stale...and why would you pick up a heavy jar by the lid, huh? That's an accident waiting to happen!)

Things I enjoy: My family, reading, scrapbooking, running, baseball, and eating

One thing you don't know about me: I have a secret desire to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader! (No, just kidding, Dad!) Um, something you don't know about me...Man, this is tough...I've been sitting here forever trying to think of something original about myself. Nothing. Although, I do sometimes resist the urge to travel to the Phillipines and sell my children on the black market. (As I type this, I can hear Jimmy Stewart saying, "You call this a happy family? Why'd we have all these kids anyway?!")

And, I'll tag...Emily, Angie, and Laura...sorry guys, I don't have that many friends...


Carson & Kandi Lee said...

Hi guys it's Kandi! Blast from the past! Well perhaps your dad has informed you guys of my situation. If not ask him. Anyway I just came across your blog and had to say hi. What beautiful children you have and what a beautiful pregnant lady you are Kirstin! Our blog, if you want to see it, is Is it ok to add you to my links? Well have a great weekend! ~Kandi~

Anonymous said...

Well, you lived THREE places in New Jersey (Rutherford-white house, Sukiniks in Rutherford--two family, and Nutley--148 Mountainview Ave.). Also, two places in New York (Slum Heights and Hidden Valley). Two places in Utah (700 E. and Wymount). And, three places in North Carolina (Jacksonville, the rich side; Jacksonville the mid-side; and Richlands, the good country)!