Sunday, February 03, 2008


As we walked in the house from church today, Luke said, "Alright, put on your coats we're going inside!"

Yes, our thermostadt is broken. We tried to simply replace it yesterday and found that the problem is faulty wiring, not just the, once again, $$$$$ flying out the door. To add insult to injury, our kitchen faucet is leaking profusely. We bought a new one, which on the box says, "easy 1-2-3 installation," so I'll stay out of Luke's way as he tries to become a plumber. Electrician, painter, and mechanic have not exactly been pleasant experiences.

Good news, though, on the home repair front. Now that we know how to change a thermostadt, we've installed a new one in the family room (our rooms are individually controlled), so now that heater (which generally runs nonstop from October-June--because it's old and crappy) can actually be turned off. It should save us some money this winter...unless we all end up with pnemonia because of the lack of heat. I think it's sort of ironically funny that we were mad because one heater ran all the time, costing us $$$, and the other wouldn't run, also costing us $$$$. I suppose we've nothing better to do than complain about our falling apart house--old enough to have a big yard, but new enough to fall under the "housing boom equals shoddy workmanship" category. Gotta love it!

To switch topics, I wanted to share a sweet Emmeline story. Last Sunday, as many of you already know, the Prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley passed away. I told the kids as soon as we heard the news. Joshua was visibly upset and asked, "Who will be the Prophet now?" I was able to find a book by President Monson so I could show the kids his picture, and I explained simply about how the Lord will always have a Prophet on the earth. (Straying a bit from my story--Joshua was mad today that our regular old Bishop was at church and not President Monson!) Anway, later that week, I pulled out the Friend to read to the kids, and there happened to be a story told by President Monson. Emmeline took one look at the picture and exclaimed, "That's the new Prophet!!" I love that she was able to recognize the face of the Prophet we will soon sustain. I also love her example of simple, yet perfect faith--If the Lord (or my mom!) says he's the Prophet, that's good enough for me! No questions asked.

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Mike and Amber said...

I totally forgot that you had a blog! I just entertained myself "catching up" with you! Good luck on baby #4! Wow! You are a busy woman! I hope you get your house warm soon!