Thursday, February 21, 2008


Wilie continuously entertains us, but continually needs to be entertained. Yesterday, we had four cousins over all day, so I figured he'd be completely happy, social, in his element. Well, he was, until he had to go to the bathroom. I guess three minutes alone is too long because shortly after he ran into the bathroom, I heard, "SOMEONE, COME TALK TO ME RIGHT NOW!!!"


Benjamin was adorable with his cousins, too. At one point, he and Clark (only 2 months younger) had an actual conversation. I think they may have just been walking around the room, pointing out all the toys, but it was so cute to hear their little voices, taking turns just like you're supposed to. It's too bad I didn't think quickly enough to grab the video camera (which is in the car, waiting for it's trip to the hospital. Waiting, and waiting, and waiting...AND we're back to the pregnancy complaints!)

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Melissa said...

Too cute! I have noticed that too how all of a sudden they are like little people! LOL!

I can't believe you have the car ready to go, I always go so late that I never felt the need, LOL....and then when it finally happened it was like mad dash between contractions to get the bag packed!!