Saturday, May 03, 2008

Birthday Boy!!!!

Joshua is finally four! I can finally take down the Happy Birthday banner that has graced our fireplace since February! Our morning began with taco pancakes...actually my morning began with my treadmill--have I mentioned how much I love that thing?! Anyway, Joshua's birthday celebration began with taco pancakes. Nutritious.

We moved on to presents, then playgroup. (Or, if you ask Joshua, his actual birthday party!) We sang and ate peanut butter brownies. Nutritious. After naps, we went to Puppy Grandpa's house to celebrate his birthday as well as Joshua's! More presents and treats here. Sam and Benjamin helped blow out the candles on my dad's coconut-banana-cream pie. We also had chocolate cake. Nutritious.

Then we went to Tae Kwon Do--Joshua was excited for his first day...until we got there...but that's a story for another day! Finally, we headed to Kitty Grandma's house for MORE presents, singing (oh, the singing), and of course, nutritious cake.

What a wonderful, yummy birthday Willie had! We're putting candles in a fruit salad next year.


Laura A said...

I have to tell you, on seeing EmJ's curls at school on Thursday, I felt more than a little unworthy of a mother. Then I came home and Abby brought it up. "Emmeline had the MOST gorgeous curls today!" And I said, "does she usually?" and Abby said, "no."

And I felt a little better. :-).

She looked absolutely lovely. Good job, Supermom.

Heidielledge said...

Oh my goodness! 4 kids is a hefty and brave task, but with all that sugar! Wow! Or were they not too bad? Congrats on the new baby! And if you guys ever want a night out alone, let me know! I'll take on your kids!

Mike & Jaime said...

Kirstin, I can't believe that Joshua is 4 already! It seems like yesterday that Luke was grabbing him every 5 seconds during Sunday School, to keep him from pulling down the table cloth (do you remember?). Anyways, Happy birthday Joshua!

Mike & Jaime said...

Oh by the way, what the heck are taco pancakes??

Toria said...

I know what you mean about sugar overload with the birthday celebrations. It's hard, I'm impressed you just bit your tongue and let it happen. Happy birthday Willy!!!
so where are you off to this summer and when?

CC Girl said...

Happy Birthday! I can't believe he's 4 already, where does the time go! We just made our blog private, so send us your email and we will send you an invite.