Friday, May 16, 2008


Joshua recieved a baseball throw back for his birthday. (I think that's what it's's a target to throw at, and the ball bounces back to you). Until today, I'd played with it more that Joshua, but after an hour of playing catch in the backyard this afternoon, I decided to put him to work.

I showed him how the throw back worked, then told him to pitch it until he hit the strike zone 20 times. I thought it'd keep him busy for a good while, and help him work on his counting. Five pitches and one dead bee later (there was a bee on the fence, he pitched the ball at it--dead bee) I realized that this wouldn't keep him occupied as long as I thought. It only took him 23 or so pitches to get 20 strikes. This kid never ceases to amaze me. Too bad he's not a southpaw...

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Carly and Ryan said...

He is such an athelete! :) I love that he killed the bee!! lol How did the garden turn out?! :)