Sunday, May 25, 2008

Conversations with Willie

Luke (upon seeing broken toy): Who broke this car?
Willie: Nobody, it just broke itself.
Luke: No it didn't. Look, this door works, but this one doesn't. Who broke it?
Willie: Nobody, it just busts around.
Luke: It doesn't just break by itself. Who broke it?
Willie: Gus broke it.
Luke: Oh good, 'cause whoever broke it gets a piece of gum.
Willie (shaking thumb at himself): Oh, ho, ho, whoa! THAT was me!


Carly and Ryan said...

aaahhhhhahahahahaha!!! I love Joshua so much!! He is THE best! :)

Mike & Jaime said...

Luke kills me- What a funny conversation! Looks like Willie has inherited his Dad's quick wit :)

Kenealey Family said...

I am going private with my blog. If I haven't already sent you an invite to view it, and you would like one, email me at klenaek at gmail dot com and I will send you one. also changing blog name to Thanks!
Kirstin Kenealey

Mel and Nate said...

Hey Kirsten! It is Melissa Trost! Now my name is Melissa Paynter. I found your blog through Ashley's. Your family is adorable and you are beautiful like always! It is fun to see how things are going! Take care!

Nikki Hansen said...

Yeah!! you'd think they would learn.