Monday, July 28, 2008

Sam and Max

I hate animals. Last night, however, we learned that Sam carries a different opinion! She saw Max and it was love at first sight. I think by the time I thought to get the camera, she was a little overstimulated, and all giggled out, but I had to post the video anyway. This is not the first time she has laughed, but it was the first time she has done so continuously. It was so cute to see her following the dog, laughing when he barked, blinking furiously when he licked her, etc.

(In the background, you will hear shreiks (Gus), Willie jumping on me, Luke barking, various people laughing and talking, and general zoo-like fun at mom's house!)

(Oh, and notice Luke's goatee and mutton chops?! It's the July Challenge. It's sick. I hate it. I'm sure I'll have more to write on that later as well!)


Bealls said...

Is that seroously Sam sitting up Already!!!! What a genius of a child

Heidi Daniels said...

You're so funny! "I hate animals." So calm about it too! Leena is Guess you could say, is obsessed with animals. She's all into the webkinz thing, she has a medium sized play horse taht some days, is a girl, and some days is a boy! Watch, I bet your youngest may follow in some siliar tracks! She's getting so big!!