Monday, July 28, 2008

Crazy weekend...week...month

My house is a mess. Not even a mess by Kirstin standards. A mess by normal people standards. It's awful. It's 11 am on Monday morning and I'm still in my jammies, looking at the mess.

We have had a crazy run of busy, but fun, stuff. A few weeks ago, I wrote in my journal (my real journal) a list of the activities we had coming up--including a list of to-dos to prepare. It was very cathartic, and helped me feel a little less overwhelmed, but looking at that list, you'd have thought we were insane (and we probably are).

Among the highlights, though, were first, camping at Hilary's house. Sisters and cousins (with a few bearded weinie-roast crashers). It was great fun!

This past weekend, we enjoyed two showers (one baby, one bridal), an afternoon of swimming, and my father-in-law's suprise birthday party. It was quite the extravaganza, reaffirming once again how much I love the family I married into!

Then, yesterday, we attended my brother's mission farewell. On August 5th, he will fly to Brazil to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He'll be gone for two years, and he'll spend the entire two years preaching the Gospel to the people of Brazil, (and hopefully learning how to make some yummy beans and rice and cheese balls). We enjoyed a family dinner last night, in celebration, and next weekend Lindsey and Brian will fly in to attend the first annual ******* Family Picnic and 5K run (ready guys?!). We'll take family pictures and say our goodbyes. I'm so excited for Zack, and I can't wait for my own sons to serve missions. I'm glad they get to have so many wonderful examples in their uncles, grandpas, and of course, their father!

Also, Samantha turned five months last week! Wow! I had to include the picture of her crying to illustrate my funny story. She was playing with a toy and knocked it out of reach, so collapsed onto her stomach to get it. In the process of, well, falling over, she knocked the toy farther out of reach. After trying in vain to get to it, she started crying. It was the FAKEST cry I've ever heard!! She would look at me like, "Aren't you going to get me the toy?" Then put her head in her hands and do the fake, hiccupy "A-ha, A-ha, A-ha!" Then look back at me like, "Do you feel sorry for me now?" Then repeat the fake hiccup cry, complete with forehead on the floor. It was quite the show, and I was laughing so hard that Emmeline asked if I was crying. I'm not sure how a five month old baby learns to be dramatic, but she's got it down.

The other pictures are from our campout and swimming at Carly's house. (In Gus's words, "Es Cawy's house! I wove Cawy!")

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