Sunday, August 10, 2008


It's been hot. Luke talks to the fan like Tommy Boy, "L-l-l-l-uuuuuuke, I am your faaaaathhherrrr." Benjamin copies him, "I'm Moook Faddah!" It's hilarious.

Last week we took family pictures. Brian and Luke (the favorite and 3rd favorite son-in-laws)got some good ones. I'm sure I caught the poor photographer grimacing.

For more pictures and info on the weekend, visit Lindsey's blog
or my mom's

We said good-bye to Zack this past Tuesday. He's officially a missionary, residing in Brazil! Although the family was together all weekend because we were saying good-bye, it was an amazing, funfilled time. I particularly enjoyed spending time with my siblings. I love you!

We also had a rare girls' night last week. It was so much fun, I love my sister (in-laws)! I have visions of going on cruises and vacations together, but for now we'll settle for dinner and laughing! Between the 8 of us at dinner that night, we have 27 kids. Wowza!

And that's it. Willie and Emmeline are wandering around blindfolded, and I should probably supervise before somebody smacks their face on the corner of the counter. It's painful, you'd think they would learn. Bye!


Alivia said...

What do you mean 1st and 3rd favorite? Are you implying that we like Brian more then luke? Because that is so not true. We love them both equally. At least I do. haha

Jenna said...

Ah your kids are growing up too fast. I miss you!