Thursday, September 11, 2008

Kangaroo Power

Joshua got into preschool!!! He was on the waiting list, but I just got a call today that a spot opened up!!!! Yay!!!!! He starts next week and is, uh, really nervous...but I'm sure he'll do great. It's funny, again, to see the contrast between he and EmJ. For Emmeline, I would have to talk to her every day about school, what she's going to do, when I will pick her up, etc. With Joshua, I dare not say anything because thinking about it scares him. I'll just have to drop him off on the first day and nonchalantly call, "Goodbye!"

A few other notes:

Sick babies are no fun. The bulb syringe is the devil.

Sliding down the stairs headfirst is the new, approved method of transportation around here.

That's it!

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Valorie said...

Yay for preschool!!

Too funny about the new method of transportation! ;o)