Sunday, September 21, 2008


The House that Ruth Built.

Last night I set out the kids' church clothes, and this morning Luke (our daddy is home! Yay! (He's been gone for 28 days...) got the kids dressed while I got ready. Over the hum of my blow dryer, I heard a low rumble, increasing, until Luke the hurricane blew in saying, "THESE ARE NOT CHURCH CLOTHES!!!!" It was Samantha's Yankee outfit, which she proudly wore to church today.

Fast forward to after church, kids are napping, Luke finds me in our room in my jammies, wrapped up in my Yankee blanket, watching ESPN. He dons his Mariner's jacket in protest, and flees...I think I caught the word "infidel" in his mumblings.

(And, probably in direct result of my bad Sabbath-day habits, my worst nightmare was realized today...I got called as the Primary Chorister.)

So, I'm sad to see Yankee Stadium go. For Christmas, I want the giant scale model Yankee Stadium that they have at Mickey Mantle's restaurant in Manhattan, okay?!

My great-uncle, talking to Luke yesterday, made mention that my grandpa would probably be there in spirit today. Grandpa, I'm jealous, have fun!


Anonymous said...

Grandpa was probably doing his missionary work, inviting his favorite Yankees -- the Mick, Bobby "Murder" (as he always called Murcer), and Gil McDougald (he saw Gil play in Twin Falls, in the minors) -- to watch the festivities with him!

Bealls said...

So does Luke wear his church clothes to bed on Sundays??
..and Sam is too cute, congrats on getting to the phase where you have to watch their EVERY move!