Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Alright, Lyndsey, here goes....
(these all have to be one word answers)

1:Where is your cell phone? ~ diaperbag
2:Where is your significant other? ~ school
3:Your hair color? ~ brown
4:Your mother? ~ protective
5:Your father? ~ quiet
6:Your favorite thing? ~ baseball
7: Your dream last night? ~ random
8:Your dream/goal? ~ lots
9:The room you're in? ~ office?
10:Your hobby? ~ many
11:Your fear? ~ spiders
12:Where do you want to be in 6 years? ~ here
13:Where were you last night? ~ home
14:What you're not? ~ messy
15:One of your wish list items? ~ pancakepuff
16:Where you grew up? ~ nutley
17:The last thing you did? ~ poopydiaper
18:What are you wearing? ~ jeans
19:Your TV? ~ off
20:Your pet? NEVER
21:Your computer? ~ junk
22:Your mood? ~ serene
23:Missing someone? ~ always
24:Your car? ~ needstobevacuumed
25:Something you're not wearing? ~ jewlery
26:Favorite store? ~ target
27:Your summer? ~ whirlwind
28:Love someone? ~ of course
29:Your favorite color? ~ purple
30:When is the last time you laughed? ~ fewminutesagowhilereadingmysister'sblog
31:When is the last time you cried? ~ thismorningcausewehaveanewneice!!!

I don't like one worders. That's very difficult! I tag whomever would like to do it!

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CC Girl said...

I love your one word sentences!! This was fun to read!