Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Worst night ever...

Falls asleep at 11 p.m. (three hours after the other kids, not cool)
Up at 12:30
Up at 2:30, watches Fresh Prince until 4:30
Up at 5:30
Up at 7 a.m.

I suppose every baby is entitled to a few bad nights. But she picked the wrong night to go on sleeping/nursing strike. I think I'm getting sick which made it even worse. My fingers are even achy...I can't type correctly, much less put together a coherent sentence. Poor Joshua is so bored sitting here at home while EmJ is at school, but I don't think I can go anywhere today. He's going to have to learn to entertain himself because as soon as naptime rolls around, I'm going to sleep, too. If I don't drop right here at the computer first.

I need a vacation...and a massage.

In other news, I attended EmJ's back to school night last night. For the last week and a half, she has been begging to buy lunch. I told her that she could pick a few days to buy when we get a calendar/menu. Every day, I reminded her to ask her teacher for one. Then, last night, as I was going through EmJ's desk in her classroom (like any good mom would!), what did I find? The lunch menu. It's been there all year, she just never brought it home. I found an inch high stack of important papers, which, had I known about, would have saved me a little bit of grief. Did you know picture day is next week? Neither did I. Good thing they had curriculum night when they did.

And the saga continues..Sam is clearly tired (suprise!), but will not eat, sleep, or be comforted. Sigh...fussy babies are new territory for me.


The Piepers said...

Oh man, I can SO relate. Except that I only have 2 kids! (so far) A humidifier does wonders for sleeping when Avery has any kind of sickness. Have you tried one? Gotta love those days...

DJ, Angie, and Amelia said...

Welcome to my last three weeks! Most nights I have been up for several hours with an inconsolable baby. The only good days (and nights) were when we were in California. I hear ya, I'll get a massage and take the vacation with you.

Bealls said...

Oh Kirstin, I am so sorry! And I'm sure it makes it worse because Luke is gone. Sam sounds a little like Riley was in her first few months, hang in there, you'll make it through!