Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A New Swingset

Hooray! We got a new pile of rust. You can kind of tell it's a swingset. Actually, in a small picture, taken from a ways away, it actually looks okay! No, seriously, we are all excited about the new, old swingset. We are even having a few days of sun this week to enjoy it before it cankers for the winter. You can see in the picture that the kids didn't even bother to go inside and take off their backpacks yesterday.

After they had been playing for a while, I heard some screams and the kids came running in the house. "There's nobody on the swing, but it's moving and creaking!" "I think it's a ghost!" I had a good laugh, until midnight, when I was startled awake by two bloodcurdling screams. Seriously, I thought there must be an axe murderer in the boys' room. Or a rat. Or at least a big spider. Oh, no. Benjamin saw a monster and screamed and woke up Joshua who screamed. After I recovered from my myocardial infraction, I went to check on Samantha (who usually wakes at the drop of a pin) but she managed to sleep right throughthe shrieking banshees. This morning I asked Benjamin if he saw a monster last night. "Yes." "But it was just your imagination, right?" "No, it was skeery."

This next group of pictures is from a quasi-5K that Joshua and I ran last weekend. I was so proud of him! I love the picture of Joshua running with my dad (I was able to drop Joshua off and pick up the pace a little for the last mile) except I'll have to photoshop out the random guy (sorry random guy!).

And last, but definately not least, Samantha. She's upset in this picture because everyone is outside playing without her. LET ME OUT!! I love how much personality is in that teeny-tiny body.


The Piepers said...

I LOVE the picture of Samantha. I feel so bad for the little guys who can't grow up fast enough! She's very cute.

Ashlyn said...

I adore the photos from the 5K! Especially the one of Joshua running with you. Love it!