Friday, February 06, 2009


Emmeline wants a diary. With a lock. The lock is vital. There is just such a diary in this month's Scholastic book order (heaven forbid she actually want a BOOK!), and it costs $7.

Poor, poor EmJ only has $3.

She pestered and pestered and pestered and pestered Benjamin yesterday to loan her some money, until he finally broke down just to get her to quit annoying him.

I promptly got Benjamin's money and returned it to him, reminding EmJ that her birthday is coming up and that the world is full of diaries with locks.

EmJ cried that she wanted "That diary!"

Joshua, ever compassionate, said, "Emmeline, when I get some money, I will buy you a Diarrhea!"

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Kali said...

That story is so sweet! Your kids make it hard to wait for the first!