Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Luke's car got decorated by some seminary students this morning. Should I be concerned? Since we are such good regifters, Luke stuck the hearts on my car.

Benjamin didn't get all the athletic genes, apparently. His antics this morning were remniscent of Steve Urkell. While Benjamin was busy trying to figure out what the helmet was for, Joshua and Luke were playing catch with a football. Joshua was catching every toss, however, at one point I heard him say, "Hey, that one didn't even hit my chin!"

I mentioned Samantha's love of macaroni and cheese in a previous post. I think we'll expand that to include any and all pasta. This was her first attempt at ravioli. She inhaled it. What a mess!

I wish I had thought to take a picture of the kids' Valentines that they made for their classmates. Joshua and I covered Hershey's nuggets w/pink scrapbook paper (hooray for using scraps!), and he was so proud to bring the candy to his class, including a bag of treats for his teacher.
EmJ, on the other hand, insisted on creating her own valentines. They were pretty cute, but the best part was the regifted Halloween candy. Yup, that's right! Next year, when you're wondering what to do with your thousands of Dum-dum lollipops...just tape them to your homemade Valentines!
Some of you are saying, "Wow, how resourceful!" Others of you are saying, "Man, they personify white trash!" Hilary is sending the short yellow on over to pick me up. But you are all JEALOUS that my Halloween candy is gone!!!
Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!!!

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Linds said...

Don't worry, every year I give away easter candy at halloween!!