Thursday, February 19, 2009

Toddler Talk

*Foe-eber: The length of time requested to play with a certain toy or watch a certain movie.

*Pork-a-cheese: The language that Zack is learning to speak on his mission in Brazil.

*Da-schwa: Sam's name for Joshua.

*Gosseth: The thing that Joshua keeps reminding us that we're not supposed to do because it's mean to talk about other people.

*Rellow: A favorite color of the rainbow.

*Resplode: Another word for "blow up."

*Covered: The peanut butter is in the...

*Moven: The thing you are not supposed to touch because it's hot!

*Nat-nat: What a duck says.

*Nat-nat: What a cow says.

*Nat-nat: What a puppy says.

*Nat-nat: What a kitty get the picture...

1 comment:

Sarah {SCS: Sairabee} said...

This is too cute! I might have to "case" it for my blog using our words! :)