Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm the Boss (and other stuff)

*There was a dead rat on our back patio yesterday.

*Samantha is officially a bi-ped. I'll get a video on here soon, as soon as she'll cooperate!

*Last night for family night, we decorated buckets for our garden. (I'm going to try some container gardening this year...) Luke's bucket says, "I Like Kyle." Go figure.

*Emmeline wrote me a haiku.

oooo xxxx
nice fun FHE
help good teach cool
She said, as she handed it to me, "I didn't write 'mean' or 'bad' even though sometimes you yell." Thanks, EmJ.
*Driving home on Sunday night, EmJ pitched a fit because Willie was apparently singing too loud and she couldn't concentrate, etc. I went into a monologue about how Willie can talk if he wants and she needs to just learn to deal because she's not the boss of the car conversation. Gus butted in with, "But I am the BOSS of my tractor and my Wilson!," and single-handedly derailed my tirade.

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