Thursday, March 19, 2009


Benjamin, playing on the swingset. He just figured out how to work the glider and can sit on that swing "foe-eber"!
The kids with their buckets. See the "I Like Kyle"? Sam is in my says, "Kirstin + Luke", but on the other side (that Luke conveniently hid) it says, "Kirstin + Yankees"!

So, I tried again and again and again to upload a walking video on here, but blogger hates me. So, here is Samantha, all tuckered out from hours of me making her walk back and forth across the room. She's cuddling her sippy, and that is an entire apple slice in her mouth.


Bealls said...

I love all the things you write on your blog, I think your kids are too funny!

zekesmom10 said...

Hi Kirsten!

I don't even try to upload video to blogger. I upload video to youTube and then post a link on my blog. Way less headache.