Thursday, April 02, 2009

The Yankees

The next time I blog will most likely be after opening I thought today it was fitting to do a Yankees spring training recap or photos of the new stadium or something. However, I read this on Peter Abraham's blog (sorry, I don't know how to link it, and I doubt you are really that interested) and I figured that, of all the Yankee stuff I could post, Luke would be most appreciative of this:

Greetings from the Warren Sapp International Airport and Waffle House here in Tampa. I’m waiting for my flight back to New York.

As we were in the car headed here from the stadium (which is two miles away), a police cruiser came racing past with its lights flashing and siren on. A bus followed closely behind.

Yep, it was the Yankees. Rather than run the risk of stopping at one of the four red lights, they received an escort to the airport. I didn’t check, but there were probably a squadron of fighter jets overhead. Can’t take any chances.


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