Saturday, April 04, 2009

Great Wolf Lodge

Every time I look at this photo I start giggling...
This past week we went to Great Wolf Lodge (lots of water, lots of fun, lots of everything for everyone...).
It was fantastic, family-friendly, and made me forget for a minute that it's still 30 below outside.
One of the worst things about theme-parks is that you play all day and then have to trek home when you are all tired and worn out...but having your hotel room within, er, 30 seconds of the water park sure saves a lot of grief!
The kids took a few minutes to warm up to the idea of a water park, but ended up loving it. Joshua was somewhat less dare-devilish than last summer, but I attribute that to the lack of Luke-throwing-him-down-the-waterslide-without-regard-for-rules-or-feelings.
Benjamin was the most masochistic of the kids, allowing himself to be squirted, sprayed, or dumped on repeatedly.
Emmeline refused to have any fun. No, just kidding, she was quite content to paddle around in the kiddie or wave pool, but was adamant about avoiding slides and sprinklers.
Samantha wasn't really diggin' the adventure. But she loved being with Grandma, Grandpa, and Alivia.
I learned a new trick. If you cover the pack and play with a nasty hotel bedspread, then the 1 year old sleeps a bit better! (Don't call CPS.)
This weekend reaffirmed my belief that the two best places for people-watching are airports and waterparks. Seriously. This weekend I saw it all. I could have gone without seeing...well, use you imagination...or not. Green and white striped tankinis are all the rage this year...I think I counted 6. My personal favorites, thought, were the guy in a racing cap (I don't think that makes you go faster on the slide...) and the lady in a wetsuit (?!?).
Good fun. Well done, mom!
(Oh, just to clarify, my mom wasn't the one in the wetsuit...she's the trip mastermind!)

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Bealls said...

I've pulled the bedspread over the pack n play before. It worked great since we had 4 other people sleeping in the room. I'm glad you guys got away, I hope you didn't freeze your tushes off!