Monday, May 04, 2009

Willie is 5!!!

Well, my pictures are out of order, as usual, but at least I got the most important one first! Last weekend Willie celebrated his 5th birthday and my dad celebrated his 50th! Here are the birthday boys.

Willie is very much into basketball at the moment, so we got him a basketball outfit for his birthday. He thought that was pretty cool.

Willie enjoying the spotlight.

Willie on the morning of his birthday about to open presents.

We had pancakes for his birthday breakfast. Samantha decided to put her syrupy plate on her this why you don't give your kids syrup, Sarah?!

I just thought this was cute...I can't get enough of her curly hair.

Yup. She's a keeper. She finally got her third tooth today. Hooray!

I love this picture of Willie and Grandma...sporting the new sunglasses and watch. Of course, Willie wore the sunglasses to school today and left them there. Go figure.

The kids at Willie's birthday party. Since this one didn't include any faces, I figured it'd be okay to post. The party was a blast, thanks to Luke-the-Entertainer. He had the kids running and screaming and giggling within three minutes, and he managed to turn my nice low-key party into a giant waterfight. The kids loved it, some of the parents will never let their kids come over again. Party Economics 101: Sidewalk chalk costs about $2 and keeps kids entertained indefinately. I pulled off this shindig for a whopping $24 (or, rather, Turtle Grandma did! Thank you!).

After the family party (before the friend party), Willie and I went to the Mariner's game. Our first of the season. We won in dramatic fashion in the bottom of the ninth, at which point Willie was asking after every pitch, "Are we going to stay here forever?"

Willie was mad we didn't get a ball, but excited to be sitting next to Ichiro.

And, the cake. I love the mess of wax and canned cherries that is my dad's cake! Willie's candles spell DIME (his first name...oh my, now you are all REALLY confused!)

For his 50th birthday, we gave my dad a box of Cracklin' Oat Bran, or as we affectionately call it, "Colon Blow."

Luke didn't have a bag for the wrapping paper, so he shoved it all in poor Sam's shirt. She was so confused!

And that's it! Happy Birthday Dime, Willie, Joshua, whatever your name is!


Mindee said...

Happy birthday little man! Hope you had a great day!

Bealls said...

Happy Birthday little man! I wish we could have him over to play!