Friday, June 26, 2009

Delicious Jams and Jellies?

(Name that movie.)

I've never met anyone who dislikes freezer jam, and, in a fit of domesticity this week, I have learned why. The sugar to fruit ratio in freezer jam is 2:1. Duh, no wonder it's so good.

Now we have at least 2 gallons of strawberry and mango freezer jam. I debated making mango jam because I fervently believe that mangoes taste like dishwater. However, when it's 2/3 sugar anything can happen. I think I'm going to puree some veggies and make veggie freezer jam. I bet my kids would eat it.

P.S. Laura, let's still have a jam making party. I'll be in charge of licking the spoon.

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Alivia said...

Might I just point out the fact that Emmeline and the boys are so different. Just look at this picture, emmeline has neatly smeared the jelly-and of course it is not folded over. She is prestine, and clean. ( HA that rhymes)....meanwhile the boys are jelly all over their faces and are enjoying that fact( especially Joshua) I love you children