Sunday, June 21, 2009

Last Day of School!!!

Well, our little EmJ is officially a second grader! Here she is making her last lunch of the school year...notice the mustard smile?! And, on the last day of school I had her wear the same outfit she wore on the first day, so I could scrapbook a "now and then" type page. (Sorry, I'm not motivated enough to find the first day of school pics, so all you get is Friday's photoshoot....I'm not sure what's up with the peace sign.)
Emmeline's most amazing acheivement this me at least...has been learning how to read. I can't seem to get her to stop reading (making for some tired morning-afters), but if that's my biggest battle, then I really have no worries!
And, Father's Day!! We love Luke so much. Not enough to write something sappy or post a picture on the blog, of course...
Here is the top ten list that EmJ put together for Luke for Father's Day! We all concurred with her sentiments...
10. I love my Dad because he reads me...nothing. (Luke protests. "We've read The Boxcar Children seven times this year!)
9. I love my Dad because he helps me...learn.
8. I love my Dad when he makes me laugh by...saying Gina Bardoo. (Never a dull moment.)
7. I love my Dad because he taught me how math. (This is actually true.)
6. I love to hear my Dad sing...something random. (He writes all his own songs. Most are about Gina Bardoo.)
5. I love my Dad because he finds time the ballgame. (Priorities.)
4. I know my Dad cares because he...loves me.
3. I know my Dad is smart because he...still goes to school. (I'm not so sure that attending (or rather attempting?) school is "smart" when you've got more than enough of a life, but it sure goes with our love of rice and beans.)
2. I love my Dad because he works hard (Notice she didn't say what kind of work or where...hmmm.)
1. I love my Dad because he is the BEST DAD EVER!!!

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Best Aunt Ever said...

I like the fact that emmeline feels the need to "peace" in every picture. haha