Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Beat the Heat

I thought it was high time I post. I have much to say, but not much patience for sitting in the sweltering house to say it...

*Luke and I went on Trek last week. That deserves it's own post, and I'll do one as soon as I get my hands on some pictures.

*"Delicious jams and jellies," is from National Treasure. "Why can't it just say, 'Here's the treasure, spend it wisely?'" Great flick.

*Benjamin went to bed the other day with a bunch of goldfish crackers in the cargo pocket of his shorts. Way to go, Napoleon!

*Yesterday I sat outside in the kiddie pool. All by myself. It's about 4 feet in diameter and 12 inches deep. At one point, a bee was attacking me, so I started shrieking and splashing at it...I'm pretty sure my neighbors have pretty valid concerns about my sanity.

*We have a lovely city councilman running for re-election on an "ecofriendly sidewalks for our city" platform. What? Call me crazy, but I think we have bigger problems.

*I'm starting to lose my faith in public libraries. It started way back when Joshua was a toddler and was pulling board books out of the bin. The librarian said, "Oh, no, we musn't touch the books." It has escalated recently, as the library capped attendance on a magic show. Now, I have no problem with them capping the attendance, but it was a show for kids. So, doesn't it lie to reason that you let the KIDS into the show and ask the parents to wait in the library so more KIDS can enjoy the KIDS show?

*The heat wave is making me insane and grumpy. We have a growing list of home improvements to make, but I just moved A/C to the top of the list. Who cares if the roof leaks, at least I won't be hot for those three days in July...

*Have grocery stores ever considered installing a drive-thru for people who only need to pick up one thing? I may even consider paying a service fee for that.

*Did I mention that we are SWELTERING?!

*I'm going back out to the kiddie pool now. Maybe I'll run through the sprinkler while the kids are napping.


Linds said...

We had a drive through grocery store... It went out of business, but I didn't realize it until I was parked at the drive thru window wondering why nobody was helping me!

zekesmom10 said...

Hugs Kirsten! I've often had concerns about your sanity. ;)

Heidi Daniels said...

Jeffs dad bought us an AC window unit as a very belated wedding present. We had no idea it would be 105 out here. Jeff returned it, and I about shot him later for doing that, and for consenting me about it, while I was half asleep. It was horrible. I'm tempted to put in AC now so it's not 90 downstairs and 95 upstairs.