Monday, August 10, 2009

Time to Blog

MAJOR BREAKING NEWS!!! EMMELINE LOST HER FIRST TOOTH!!! I figure I'd better match her excitement level. I think that the thrill of losing the tooth is matched by the thrill that EmJ, the wimp of all wimps, pulled it out herself--gore and all. Hooray!! The tooth fairy schedule must have been awry on Friday night because whoever had the early shift only brougth 25 cents, but whomever had the late shift missed the memo, visited EmJ a second time, and left a whole dollar. Dang that undermining toothfairy minion!
Now that the major announcement is taken care of, enjoy the rest of our random summer pictures!!

That's my girl!

My mom and I took the kids to the flight museum last week. It was heaven for Gus..."Look Joshua, it's a gun-sooter, a gun-sooter, Joshua, see it? It's a gun-sooter, Emmeween, a gun-sooter!"

Our first tomato and cucmber from the garden. We've been enjoying beans for a while, and now the tomatoes and cucumbers are ready! Yum!! Our corn is gorgeous and has been fun to watch grow, but I don't think it's going to produce anything. And we're still waiting on carrots.

I found the kids down here one day vacuuming. Love it!

Long story. We took the older kids school shopping for family night a few weeks ago. Distraught that he didn't get anything, Gus picked out a pack of play-doh and insisted that he needed it. He was dead set on getting the play-doh. I sent Luke and the kids to the car while I paid for our merchandise, and, true to form, left the play-doh with the cashier. Benjamin fell asleep on the way home, and I thought I was in the clear. NOT SO! The next morning, he went on a search for his play-doh and upon discovering that it was NOT in the bag became very upset. I, of course, blamed it on the cashier, which caused a string of three-year old insults to spew from Gus' little mouth..."lame-head" "stupid guy" "poop face" "dorky porky"...He even called Luke to complain about his fate (Luke gave him some more name-calling ideas). So, that afternoon, while Sam was asleep, we made play-doh. My penance for shafting my son and letting the unsuspecting cashier take the brunt of his wrath. The end.

Samantha--being sassy.

One hot Saturday, we ended up babysitting most of the cousins at our house. So, I put them to work washing the cars. Yep, I'm the coolest Aunt ever!

Sam's first pigtails--They were adorable, but my attempts to get a picture resulted in pictures of Sam trying to grab the camera.

Sam sat in Primary with me a few weeks ago. She grabbed a Book of Mormon and made herself at home on one of the little chairs. I was so proud! Furthermore, I like this picture because her hair is neat, her clothes are clean, and there is no food on her face. Plus, that wicked farmer tan needs to be showcased!

Did I mention the cherries on the blog? We picked cherries from a neighbors tree (a 5 gallon bucketful). It took three solid days of pitting to work through all the cherries, and I haven't yet been able to stomach the resulting jam or pie filling. This picture is of Benjamin's "cooking" with the cherries. I frequently find random kitchen stuff all over the house because of Benjamin and his projects. In the past few weeks we've also picked blueberries and plums...and our freezer is full to the gills.
And that's it. Maybe in the next few weeks, I'll be a little more diligent about posting our summer adventures!

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