Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The End of Summer...

Yep, summer is over. I wish I was sad, but I'm definately not. I'm looking foward to school, jacket weather, the playoffs, and all that good stuff. We decided that, for our last summer hurrah, we'd take a little road trip (well, okay, Luke had to work and we just happened to stow away...). We went to Yakima (blech) to visit some dear friends (hooray). When it came bedtime, I made a little space for Sam on a crib mattress in the dining area. This picture is how I found her in the morning. It was very cute.

On the way home, we stopped at Snoqualmie Falls...it's a lot smaller than I remember...EmJ snapped this cool picture. I think I'm going to suggest that she enter it in the Reflections contest.

Then today, we went to Jetty Island. It's a manmade island in Puget Sound that you take a free ferry ride to get to. Though the ferry ride is all of 30 seconds, my boys thought it was amazing. The beach is fabulous, too. I predict that we will spend quite a bit more time there next summer. Hopefully on days that are not drizzly, windy, and cold.

And so, with summer's end comes Back to School! As you can see, we are all ready! I think I'm more excited than the kids. I can't wait to see Joshua's little face as he gets on the bus tomorrow!
Alright, time to get the kids in bed so they can be ready for school!!!!

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Linds said...

I want to visit that cool island!