Saturday, September 12, 2009


*Sam can say "baseball" and "Yankees" (biddeeeeeeeez!). Let the indoctrination begin.

*Benjamin has been working on finding a better outlet for his screaming and tantrums (like throwing sharp objects at the offensive person, food, article of clothing, piece of furniture, etc). Yesterday, I noticed him wiping his eyes on his shirt and muttering to himself, "Stop it! Stop it! No tears! Stop it!"

*Joshua loves Kindergarten, and tells me much more about school and his daily interactions than EmJ ever has. The problem, however, is that he starts talking in the middle of a thought and expects me to understand exactly what he's saying.
"...with the brown shirt" or "...except it wasn't a whole sticker book, just one sticker" or "...and I sat by him on the bus."
So I'll say, "You sat next to someone wearing a brown shirt and they gave you a sticker?"
And Joshua will look at me like I'm an idiot and say, "Just listen next time! The brown shirt guy doesn't even ride on my bus!"

*Also, Joshua has a new friend named Marcelo. He's Italian, and because he's Italian, Joshua feels the need to pronouce his name with a sort of Italian flair..."Today I played with (pause) Ma-chay-lo."

*EmJ refused to do any chores on Friday, because she was the "Helper of the Day" at school, and that's HARD WORK. You have to, like, walk the attendance all the way to the office and make it back without tripping on the sidewalk or missing the Pledge of Allegiance! So, heaven forbid you also sweep my kitchen.

*Samantha threw a deskful of papers into the toilet yesterday. I found her, started taking the papers out, and started scolding..."No, we do not throw anything in the toilet." Sam nodded her head and looked at me with a look that said, "I know, I'm so sorry this happened to you. I can't believe the nerve of some people!" I simultaneously wanted to laugh and throttle her.

*I promise I WILL put first day of school pictures up soon. I just haven't gotten around to unleashing them from the camera!

*EmJ attended a town hall meeting with Luke a few weeks ago. Of her first foray into politics, she said, "There was more stomping, yelling, and clapping than talking." Yep. Accurate. You should have brought the 50,000 tomatoes from our garden to throw at Jay Inslee. Nobody would have suspected the little Aryan girl.

*I roasted a chicken! Well, okay, Luke did all the dirty work...but it was tasty. The next day, I made chicken soup. And it was yummy! I even harvested all our carrots and onions for the soup. I was so proud of my little garden and my little chicken and the fact that I actually cooked two fabulous meals in a row....that's some kind of record, right?!


tracie said...

hey, maybe next year you can have chickens roaming around the backyard too. It would make a complete meal. :)

Ashlyn said...

Hahahahaha!! :) This post made my day!

And... the word I have to type in order to leave my comment is "dopers." Haha!