Thursday, October 08, 2009

It's October!!!!

Alright, in honor of the playoffs starting (with a Yankee win) yesterday, I decided it's finally time to get the blog updated! So, at long last, here are the first day of school photos! (Sorry about the wierd layout...I'm not sure what's up.) Anyway, first off, we have our healthy, brain enhancing, first day of school breakfast--Crepes with whipped cream and chocolate!

Next, we have EmJ and Willie posing for the camera. Say cheese!

EmJ, in all her new outfit and messenger bag glory. (She just HAD to have that thing, and now she hates it.) I hate the Mr. Rogers sweater, but apparently it's trendy.
And here's Willie, later in the day, all decked out for his first day of PMK. Why do my kids feel the need to, literally, pose for the camera?

And lastly, Willie waiting at the bus stop. The bus was 25 minutes late, and we eventually just drove to school. He was so sad, but recovered when we got there and his teacher declared that the kids would be making a human train to chug to Kindergarten. Human trains make everything better!

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