Monday, November 16, 2009

The Boss

A little update on the Boss's developing language skills. I think that the first attempts at verbal communication are hilarious, and Sam is not letting us down. She sings ("pee day to you"), and counts ("two, dee, eight, nine"), and commands ("sit down!"), and has recently begun speaking in "sentences." Two of my favorites...

"Mae me?" "Mae me, po?" --Lay with me. Lay with me on a pillow. Meaning--I will not stay in my bed unless you lay right next to me. I will choose the pillow that you lay on, the blanket that you cover yourself with, and the book you will read, even if it's 3 am.

"No cheese yet!" --No cheese yet. Joshua was trying to do a state puzzle, and Sam stole the Wisconsin piece (with a picture of cheese on it). She ran to me, and stuffed the piece down her onesie (a perfect hiding place--we find all kinds of goodies and missing toys in her onesie). I told Joshua to just finish the puzzle and put that piece in last. Sam added, "No cheese yet!"

She has also begun teasing her brothers. They deserve it, and she is the Boss, so I just sit back and watch with amusement. Multiple times every day, she runs to me with something clenched in her little fist and then shoved tightly in her armpit (hey, it's as good a hiding spot as the onesie), yelling, "Mine, mine, mine toy, mine car!" Following closely on the heels of her declaration, come one or both of the boys, yelling, "Sam stole my car!"

This girl cracks me up.

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