Monday, November 16, 2009


We arrived home from the cabin (see previous post, seriously, it's funny) just in time for a lively party with Luke's family. Here is a "before" shot of Luke, his brothers, and his parents. Aww, nice little family picture. But then someone brought out the clippers...

"Smithers, massage my brain."

Even Willie and Gus joined in on the fun.

Whoa! And Mom! Doesn't she look great with a mohawk?

The "after" shot.

The other "after" shot. were supposed to wear a wig so nobody could tell you were bald.

And my bald boys with a bald Grandma.
People at church today kept asking if my boys had lice.
Now, lest you think we're pretty dysFUNctional...We had this party in support of my mother-in-law's fight against the evil Sponge-Gob (aka ovarian cancer). She is an amazing woman, and I hope that when trials come to me, I handle them just like her...with a mohawk and a whole lot of junk food!
Today in primary, the teacher was talking about service. Knowing the reason for the baldness, he decided to use Willie as an example.
"Willie did some service for his Grandma. What did you do Willie?"
"I shaved my head."
"Why did you do that?"
"Because we had a party!"

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Ryan and Kim said...

We will be having a party soon too. Ryan's mom has got breast cancer. I hope they both get better soon! Your bald boys look great!