Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Cabin

We decided that a weekend away was in order, so we packed up on Friday, picked the kids up from school, and headed out to the Cabin--aka "The Loveshack". Sam wanted so badly to have her own backpack...I finally gave her one and she started sobbing as soon as she realized that it was too heavy...but we snapped a photo anyway.

We arrived to a freezing, yet rat-free, cabin after dark, ate macaroni and cheese, freezer burned tater tots (how long have those been there?), and juice that may or may not have been rancid...but everyone was alive in the morning, and we were grateful for the free meal. After dinner, we lit a fire and started our Macgyver-a-thon. All the Macgyver you can handle. Luke suggested naming the baby Mac. No.

Oh, yeah, we also found this in the freezer--spoon left in the ice cream container--yuck! We made a quick run to the guest book to figure out who'd been the last at the cabin...culprit? Jason?! Somehow I doubt that, we'll have to check further back...

In the morning, after a rare breakfast of cold cereal (heaven for the kids), we hiked down to the beach. For poor Samantha, that hike down and back must have been like running a marathon. I swear she takes 5 steps for my every 1. We walked the dock, talked big about how we were going to go there in the summer and dive off, found a ton (literally) of shells, skipped rocks, listened to Luke tell memory after memory, and searched for himit crabs, no hermick crabs, no hermin crabs. (That was an actual conversation between my three brainiacs.)

Sam wanted to go swimming.

We got back and warmed up in front of the fire while playing...wait for it...Super Mario Brothers!!! The kids were hilarious, especially Sam, who would literally jump every time we told her to. Joshua also moved the controller with Mario's movements. Benjamin did the best...I think he got to the middle of level 1-1. Luke and I both made it to 8-1...a level which neither of us have ever passed.
The best part of the weekend, however, came on Saturday morning. The kids were playing in their room and didn't know that Luke and I were awake. They locked their door, and Luke saw a perfect practical joke opportunity called holding-the-door-shut-so-the-kids-think-they-are-trapped. The kids had the following conversations while Luke and I tried to contain our giggles outside the door (we're obviously easily entertained).
"It's all your fault!"
"No it's not, you locked the door!"
"Maybe we can break the doorknob off!"
"It's not moving!"
"Let me try!"
"That was my idea!"
"Just kick it!"
"We're going to be in here FOREVER!"
Not once did they think to just yell for us. I'm not sure if it's out of respect for the fact that we were still sleeping, or if it's because on some subconscious level they KNEW they were being punk'd.
So, eventually, EmJ says, "Let's stop and think."
(Little footsteps retreating from the door.) Luke and I quickly ran into the bathroom and locked the door. The kids returned to the door and, voila, it opened! "Oh, it just opened, we just had to stop and think!"
The kids came out and Luke yelled, "I can't get the door open."
EmJ, "The same thing happened to us. We were pulling, and tugging, and banging, and then it just opened."
Willie, "Hold on, I'll kick it open."
Sorry for the broken cabin bathroom door...

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zekesmom10 said...

Apparently I am easily amused as well, cuz that is just plain funny. And why do people assume a buzz cut means cooties?