Sunday, January 10, 2010

Benjamin's First Talk

Last Sunday was Benjamin's first day in Sunbeams! I started to chuckle that day at the number of parents sitting in the back slyly watching their new primary goers (we have 17 Sunbeams)...until I realized that if I didn't HAVE to be in primary, I'd totally be there, too!

Anyway, due to having a mother in primary, Benjamin was assigned the talk last week. On his very first day.

He did such a good job all week memorizing his talk. Then he got right up and spoke through clenched teeth while trying very, very hard to look at a spot almost directly behind the microphone! I was so proud.

Here's his talk:

"I em Benjamin an I em a chileof God. My dad, Wuke, is my ewwfwy foddow. God is my Henewy Foddow. If I choose da wight, I'll wiv wif Him someday."


I am Benjamin and I am a child of God. My dad, Luke, is my earthly father. God is my Heavenly Father. If I choose the right, I'll live with Him someday.

He did a very good job on his first ever primary talk.


Danielle said...

Emily also had a talk on her very first day in Primary when we were in san Jose...and I wasn't in Primary on a regular basis. Too cute! I love those moments!

Jaime said...

That is so cute! I wish we could have seen it...and I was among the "onlooking parents" in our ward, I made Mike take a picture with his phone.