Monday, January 04, 2010

Frat House

When you are shopping real estate, most homes for sale showcase an "elegant master suite," a "cozy, inviting retreat," or some other such nonsense. I am here to admit today that our master bedroom would not be considered by most to be cozy or inviting, and it is simply NOT elegant by any standards. Rather, I live in a dorm room. A frat house. Stack your cans in pyramid fashion along the north wall. Our master bedroom is a tribute to what I love--baseball. Over the years, we have collected an assortment of baseball decor that have made this space my very favorite.
For Christmas, my mom provided us with what could be the missing link for our dorm. A Mariners/Yankees quilt! My side, of course, is Yankees, and Luke scoots to the far edge of his side of the bed to avoid being defiled by touching the blessed Yankee fabric. I LOVE THIS QUILT!! Now all I need is a Yankee pillowcase...and a few more trips to ballparks to complete my penant collection.


zekesmom10 said...

I'm so bad. I would totally make the bed so more of it was covered with the Yankee side just so I had more sleep space. :D

Kaija said...

This is pretty fantastic -- a quilt with a different pattern for each side!