Friday, March 19, 2010

Orange Peel Revisited

So, I was sitting next to Sam yesterday as she was stalling, I mean, getting settled for her nap when suddenly she let out a monstrous sneeze. I was about to run for a tissue when I noticed a little something...

Could that be?

It is!

An orange peel!

Lightning fast (I think I threw out my pregnant back) I grabbed the bridge of her nose and wrestled her down and ***ta-da*** removed the orange peel.

Remember I said it was tiny? Not so much. It was the size of my thumbnail--my beautiful, grown out, lots of prenatal vitamin enhanced thumbnail.


Luke says I should have taken a picture for all my loyal blog readers, but I already feel like a horrible mother. That thing was in her nose for 15 days, people!

Next time, drastic measures will be taken. I'm not sure what, considering our student health insurance does NOT cover "objects shoved up the nasal cavities by toddlers."

One more quick little thing before I sign off...

Willie played his first scrimage at basball practice last night. Guess where the coach put him? My Willie? My future Yankee Hall of Famer?


That's where the nerdy, skinny, uncoordinated kids with no talent who are afraid of the baseball play. We should know--that was Luke's position every inning in every game in every year that they let him stay in Little League.

But, Willie, he's a shortstop. I just might have to have a talk with the coach!

And speaking of baseball...

I'll spare you the opening day countdown, but I will tell you that I found NY Yankee Crocs online today. That just may persuade me to start wearing the hideous things!

And that's it. Hopefully my next post will have pictures of a beautiful new baby...hopefully...


Ashlyn said...

I could not stop cracking up after reading the first of this post. It was a very, "Oh my goodness, the orange peel!!" moment. So glad that orange peel is gone!

The Piepers said...

I'm excited to see the beautiful new baby!!!!! Good luck! And you were a great mother to go straight for the boogie-covered orange peel. Eeew! :)

Mandi Paul said...

You are hysterically funny! I love reading your blog! Thank you for making me laugh on my first day back to work!

J Pelham Family said...

OMG! So I totally read the first post about the orange peel and thought... I am sure its fine. There is no orange peel up there.... but OMGoodness!!! 15 days! That poor girl - Poor MOM!!!

At least it is out now with no harm done.