Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Showered with Love

My wonderful sister-in-law threw me a baby shower last week! As always, at those kind of events, I relish seeing and visiting with everyone I adore.
They all chipped in and bought me a new rocker/recliner. Hooray! Thank you! It is to be delivered (pun intended) in two weeks. (At Reclinerland today, the salesman made a move to heft the floor model into my car. Whoa! I don't want the one my kids have been putting their muddy feet on for the last week! I want one new in the box. Hence, two weeks. The race is on...chair or baby first?)

There were some other wonderful gifts to open at the shower...a box of Thin Mints (very important), a beautiful nursing cover (vital), and a gorgeous quilt from my mom! I'll post pictures of it soon. (And, handmade gifts are awesome, aren't they? I have a quilt, nursing cover, and carseat cover that are uniquely mine, and I think that's pretty cool. It's almost inspiring me to be crafty....someday...)
One interesting tidbit. Laura threw me a baby shower when I was pregnant with Emmeline. Exactly 8 years and 2 days before this baby shower. So cool!
Thanks Laura!!!


Anonymous said...

OK...I admit it. I don't read too many blogs very often. It is pretty amazing when I even put things on my own, much less read what other people are doing. So...when I FINALLY take a minute to get caught up, I REALLY enjoy reading your blog. It is SOOOOO funny! And your kids are super cute! Thanks for making my day!

Lilianne said...

Kirstin - you crack me up. I'm seriously laughing out loud reading your blog. Love it. You are my hero - having your fifth baby! HOLY FARTS! I just think you're fantastic. When can we ever see each other again? Thank goodness for blogs, huh? Good luck with the baby! Can't wait to see pictures!

Linds said...

Awesome! Wish I could have been there!