Monday, April 12, 2010

Pictures and Easter

Wow! Reillee is already two weeks always, it has flown by. Here's a little bit of what we've been up to... We watched General Conference. At least, some of us did...
Reillee has chosen my chair as her favorite place to sleep. Boo. She also prefers the bathroom floor with the fan on.

Easter came and went with a little candy, a horrid orange coat, and an egg hunt with some "yucky" eggs. (When Sam realized that the eggs were real, not filled with candy, she promptly quit the hunt.)

Reillee got cuter and cuter.

We celebrated EmJ's 8th birthday and my 28th. When asked how we felt on our big day EmJ replied, "Great!" I replied, "Chubby!"

And, yesterday, we dressed in our Easter best for church. Everone was very, very cute.

And that's it!


Donna said...

Oh, that Reillee is a doll! Can't wait to see her. We've put many a baby to sleep in the bathroom with the fan on too. It's the best place.

Kacey said...

Your kids look so cute in their Easter gear. And Happy Birthday to you and Emmeline!

Sara said...

Your kids looked so striking on Sunday. Those girls with matching dresses were so beautiful! Hope everything is going good over there.

Jenna said...

First, I hope you had a great birthday. Second, where did you get those dresses?!?! They are ADORABLE!! Maybe I could find one in a bigger size and save it for Addison in the future.... =)

Heidi Daniels said...

Cutes little girls and adorable little boys! I love their little matching dresses! I need anotehr girl for this matchy matchy reason, but this won't be happening I've been advised by the other parent. Ha! Reillee is a cutie pie! She looks so much like the other kiddies! I can't believe how TALL Emmeline is! I remember when she was an infant, where on earth does the time go?!