Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Luke took the kids to the cabin last weekend (THANK YOU!!!!). A number of interesting things happened...

Joshua reminded Luke not to lock the bathroom door because he didn't "want to have to kick it down again, 'cause that hurt my knee really bad!" (last time we went to the cabin, Luke got "locked" in the bathroom and Joshua had to save him...)

EmJ woke up in the middle of the night because "there are ninjas in my room!"

Benjamin had a psychotic sleepwalking episode...about 15 minutes into telling me the story Luke says, "At this point I'm beginning to think he's not actually awake." What clued you in, Sherlock?

After playing through 7 levels of Super Mario Brothers and failing, again, to save the princess, Benjamin says, "Maybe the princess just doesn't want to be saved."

And Samantha's report of the weekend goes as follows: "I jump-ed on the jumpoline and threw rocks in the water and it was really stinky. My daddy sucked up the ants with the vacuum sucker and I ate my pizza all gone."

Sounds like a grand old time!

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