Monday, July 05, 2010


Well, Luke, Reillee, and I just got back from spending four days in the wide open spaces of Texas. As I enjoyed my weekend, I thought of a number of titles for this post, most including the phrase, "Adam and Katie's Wedding," but in the end the title needed to be "Chiggers."
You see, there is a word, made up by Gus, used quite frequently in our house. It is "chimpers." Chimpers can be a noun or a verb and it is used as an alternative name for any number of things--tweezers, staple remover, tongs, clippers, that-crab-has-big-chimpers, willie chimped me--you get the picture?
So, while in Texas, I made some comment to Luke about not wanting to sit on the ground to watch the fireworks show because I didn't want to end up with chiggers in my pants.
Chiggers? What's a chigger? Is the chigger going to chimp you? Did you get chimped by the chigger?
We ended up sitting on top of the rental car to watch the fireworks show (which was just a notch above Ted and Charlie's Sparkler Extravaganza that we endured in Nauvoo in 2001), and then returning to the hotel with the express purpose of googling "chiggers" to prove to Luke that they are, in fact, real beasts.
Now I know more about chiggers than I ever wanted to. And I will never forget my 4th of July in Texas.
(And chiggers aren't the only reason...seriously, such rampant displays of patriotism would be outlawed in Seattle. I LOVED IT! At the Ranger game that we attended, prior to the 7th inning stretch they asked all of the servicemen to stand and be recognized. Those troops got a standing ovation that was longer and more heartfelt than anything I've ever seen. I got all teary eyed. Then came "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" and I just lost it. Kidding, I'm kidding! But, I thoroughly enjoyed Texas' love of God, country, guns, big trucks, and genuine courtesy, y'all.)
But the real and best reason we went to Texas was to attend my cousin Adam's wedding!!! It was wonderful...if a bit wet...
That's my dad. Soaked. Because, "we're from Washington, we're not afraid of the rain, we'll park in the back of the lot so that all the old ladies can take the front spots." It was POURING during Adam and Katie's (formerly outdoor) wedding. But they moved it inside and it went off without a hitch!!

Best idea ever---Katie set up a kid's table. Complete with goldfish crackers, juice boxes, crayons, coloring books, and a kid's cake!! (Now, she secretly did this for Adam, so he would still get to have a Yankee cake despite the fact that it didn't match the color scheme!)

The beautiful couple with Grandma. Congratulations Adam and Katie!!!

And just a quick snapshot of the cutest one there (besides the GLOWING bride!). This picture is just for Lin....see the bow, see it?! (Actually, Reillee looks adorable in bows, but don't tell anyone I said that.)
More exciting Texas pictures (mostly of the ballpark) to come!!


Angela said...

Kirstin, you're making me miss Texas! It sounds like you had a great time there. We missed Joshua in class. It was a little too quiet.


Linds said...

Love it! That is my favorite dress too!

Kali said...

I hate chiggers. We get them a lot here. Just thought I would let you know that. :)