Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Boss

Last night I left the family asleep and went to the grocery store. I returned home some 30 minutes later, hummed into the silence as I put away the groceries, then nearly wet my pants when a little bodyless voice cried out, "Hi mom!," from the darkness.

I marched the Boss back to bed, but apparently her power nap had been sufficient. I won't detail the next two hours of my life, but they ended with Sam in her bed surrounded by every toy, book, stuffed animal, and article of clothing that she possesses. "Don't take away my tea party!"

As I took everything away, and vowed to throw it all in the trash, I began to notice that everything felt greasy. The very last "toy" she handed me was a used up tube of cherry chapstick. I rolled my eyes and went to bed.

But I am super excited for this day to begin.


Puppy Grandma said...

You always make me smile, or cry, with wonderful posts!

Kali said...

haha Oh the things that I get to look forward too!:) Too cute:)

J Pelham Family said...

Being a mom is the best! It is these little moments when you want to pull your hair out that you think back on, tear up at how fast they grow up, but mostly smile and how wonderful your life is. (I think I just wrote my new facebook status... better go change it now! - lol)