Sunday, July 18, 2010

Y'all welcome to the Ballpark!

While in the great state of Texas, we listened to someone in church bear testimony about digging ditches...only in Texas! Oh, and we also added to our pennant collection. The Ballpark in Arlington is the 11th that Luke and I have visited together.
But first, two cutie patooties on the 4th of July! I love my grandma, and am so painfully homesick for an address near hers.

Out in front of the ballpark after the game!

We thoroughly enjoyed the Ranger game...I sat down and commented to Luke, as I have many times before, that red and white are hands down the BEST team colors imaginable. Then I looked around and realized that the sea of red was more red than usual....then I realized that it was free hat night....then Luke got mad that we didn't get one and spent the next 20 minutes (not kidding) running around the perimeter of the ballpark checking every entrance to see if there were any hats left...then he spent the NEXT hour pouting because he didn't get a hat. (Hmmm, I wonder where Gus gets it?)

This photo is for my dad. It's as close as we got to the Cowboy's stadium...and the time it took me to walk and get this picture probably cost Luke his Ranger cap. Hee hee, now you know what to get him for Christmas!

Luke was insistent that we get a photo of the ticket kiosk. I don't know why anyone would ever stand in the awful ticket line when you can get your tix in about 23 seconds from the magic machine. Best kiosk ever.
And that's it!! I don't know when, if ever, I'll get back to Texas, but it was wonderful!


Farmer Joe said...

Oh snap! Y'all were in Dallas and I didn't know it! Man it would have been great to see Luke again. Scott Black is here to and we could have had a real old-times get together. Thanks for posting the pictures though and we hope to catch you next time. Have Luke give me a call some time at 214 267-8256

Kevin and Kristen said...

We went to a few games when we lived there and loved The Rangers stadium. We also loved the medic room with A/C where you can take a hot crying baby!